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Approach to Service Delivery



The assessor is our first face-to-face contact with the family, who conducts the mental health/bio-psychosocial assessment.  In addition to conducting the assessment, the assessor reviews client rights, the grievance procedures, develops a safety plan – with family involvement – develops the client individualized treatment plan.



Each client receives a mental health assessment and any additional assessments that may be requested by the referring agency or prescribed by our psychiatrist.  


Once assessment(s) have been scheduled, the client is referred to the family advocate, who acts on behalf of the family to assure the following:

  • Current Crisis Issues Are Addressed

  • Appointments Are Kept

  • Client is Supported Until Completion
    of Assessments

  • Client is Introduced to Assigned
    Team Leader



After the initial visit the assigned team leader visits monthly or as often as necessary.  Based on the initial clinical visit, the team leader will assign goals, objectives and case management tasks to appropriate team members.  The team leader will assure that the treatment plan is relevant to the client’s needs.  Throughout the client’s enrollment, the entire team will observe and assess the client for safety issues and changes in behavior.  

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