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Covered Populations


GXU covers all generations, from early intervention to geriatric care. Our clients reside throughout Middle Georgia and surrounding counties. The majority of GXU’s clients reside in rural and urban Georgia. . The corporate census is approximately 60 percent youths, adolescents and families and 40 percent adults. The individuals covered by GXU are most often referred by social service agencies –  specific to each county – including:


  • Department of Juvenile Justice

  • Department of Family Services

  • Criminal Justice Systems

  • Residential Treatment Facilities

  • Private Physicians and Hospitals

  • Foster Care Agencies

  • Area Public Schools

  • Other Core Service Agencies

  • Individual Self-Referrals


Criteria for Coverage


Individual, Family and Group Therapy: Individuals under this coverage may be experiencing symptoms related to depression, ADHD, bipolar or other mental health diagnoses that are detailed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


Intensive Family Intervention (IFI): is a higher level of care, and is only recommended for children and adolescents whose lower level treatment was unsuccessful. These individuals are at risk of losing their home and/or school placements and are having major issues at home, at school and/or in the community. The criteria for adults seeking intensive intervention are the same as above, excluding school involvement. 


Addiction Counseling:  Participants are currently abusing an illegal substance(s). If the abuse was discontinued within the prior six months or less, the individual may qualify due to risk of relapse.


Moral Reconation Therapy: Those referred for MRT have a criminal history and in most instances are referred through the criminal justice system.


Other Specialized Groups: Specialized Group sessions may include anger management, self-esteem, parenting and similar specific issues. Individuals participating in other specialized groups must meet at least one of the criteria detailed above.


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