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Evidenced Based Treatment


Under the direction of our clinical director, clinicians select age appropriate models for intervention, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression, mood, anxiety and personality disorders as well as post traumatic stress, eating, sleep and psychotic disorders.

Treatment Models


  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Is used for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, personality disorders, eating, sleep and psychotic disorders

  • Multi Systemic Therapy: Used for conduct disorder and other behavior related diagnoses. Multi Systemic Therapy-SA is used for addiction counseling

  • Structured Family Therapy: Used to address individual and family sessions

  • Brief Therapy: Emphasizes effective time limited treatments that are task centered and solution focused

  • Play Therapy: Used for clients presenting difficulty with oral communication, usually children

  • Photo Modeling: Usually associated with family or group therapy, using photo analyses during the session

  • The Place of Therapy: Used for post-traumatic stress when specific scenarios are acted out

  • Family of Origin Therapy: Used when family reunification is the goal, usually associated with foster care

  • Moral Reconation Therapy: Used to assist in rehabilitation for individuals upon release from incarceration


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