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Approach to Service Delivery


GXU uses a team approach to service delivery.  This approach supports continuity of care and the client benefits from the collective minds of the team.  Clients are assigned to a team of four to five providers, Including: (1) a clinically licensed team leader (2) an assessor (3) an associate or masters level clinician (4) an experienced case manager and (5) a certified alcohol and addition counselor, when required.

Clients receive a mental health assessment and any additional assessments that may be prescribed or deemed necessary.  Based on the assessment results, an individualized plan of care is developed and the team leader assures appropriate service delivery.  The services that we provide are detailed below:

Therapy Services

All therapy services are provided by appropriately credentialed clinicians for each particular service. Individuals may be referred for therapeutic intervention to address or prevent mental health diagnoses. These diagnoses range from mild to severe and may require a multi-level treatment approach. Our services include treatment for symptoms related to DSM-V diagnoses, such as depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder post-traumatic stress disorder schizophrenia and aggression. We also address social adjustment issues, such as behavior modification, personality disorders, self-image and self-esteem.


  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy: Provided weekly or as dictated by the family’s individualized treatment plan.

  • Intensive Family Intervention (IFI): Clients are seen by the entire team an average of three times weekly or as prescribed in the treatment plan.

  • Addiction Counseling: May be provided individually or in a group setting usually weekly basis.

  • Twenty-Four Hour Crisis Intervention: Crisis Prevention services are provided on a 24-hour a day basis. During initial intake clients
    are provided a list of emergency telephone phone numbers. In the event of a crisis, they are to call their individual counselor or the on call supervisor.


  • Medication Management: Clients may be prescribed psychotropic medication to address a mental health disorder. If medication is prescribed, the client is scheduled monthly medication management visits to monitor the effectiveness of the drugs and any side effects.

Case Management
and Wrap Around Services

This service is provided by a certified paraprofessional. GXU staff assists individuals and families to overcome barriers to desired outcomes, as related to the goals and objectives in their plan of care. This service may include coordination of required social service resources, life skills training, parenting classes, education regarding prescribed medicine and other skills necessary for normalcy and/or independent living.


Biopsychosocial Assessments are conducted by a licensed clinician during the initial visit with each client. It details an individual’s history from birth to the present and provides the premise for an initial diagnosis and development of the plan of a care.


Psychiatric Evaluations are conducted by our psychiatrist or our psychiatric nurse practitioner within 30 days after enrollment. The psychiatrist or nurse practitioner verifies the clinician’s diagnosis and determines if there is a need for further psychiatric intervention or to prescribe medication. If psychiatric intervention is required or medication is prescribed, GXU’s doctor or nurse practitioner schedules follow-up
visits and/or medication management monthly or as often as required. Other more specialized assessments or evaluations may be prescribed when deemed necessary.


Psychological Evaluations are all conducted by a licensed clinical psychologist. Individuals may be referred for psychological evaluations,
to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral, emotional, developmental, and learning issues. GXU doctors conduct three types
of psychological evaluations — clinical, psycho educational,
and neuropsychological.


Clinical Evaluations are conducted to assess individual’s current social, emotional, and behavioral status. Clinical assist care providers to making diagnostic decisions between emotional disturbances, behavior issues, anxiety, or mood related issues.


Psycho Educational Evaluations are conducted to determine whether or
not specific learning disabilities are present. They also assess cognitive functioning, academic achievement skills, and eligibility for learning disabled services.


Neuropsychological Evaluations are conducted by licensed clinical psychologist, with specialized training in this area of the discipline. “Neuros” are conducted to examine attention, learning, memory, basic visual-motor and sensorimotor functioning. This evaluation is also used to clarify specific deficits such as, disorders of reading, mathematics, and written expression. Clinical and psycho educational evaluations are standard components of a neuropsychological evaluation.

Foster Care
Related Services

Foster care service tasks are provided by clinicians who are credentialed as required for each specific service. GXU provides the full spectrum of foster care related services, including comprehensive assessments, all levels of therapy, parenting classes, training for potential and existing foster parents. These services also include training regarding symptomology and expectations related to various diagnoses and de-escalation techniques.

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